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Daily Quote – July 09, 2014 Abraham-Hicks Publications

If you decide to make someone the enemy and you’re pushing very hard against them, you don’t affect them at all, but you disconnect yourself from the Stream. If someone cheats you, they cannot diminish your experience. They only diminish their experience. You cannot be diminished by someone cheating you unless you get all upset about being cheated and push against them and use that as your excuse to disconnect from the Stream.


Excerpted from the workshop: San Diego, CA on July 25, 1998
Our Love,
Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

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Seattle, WA – July 12
San Francisco, CA – July 19
N. Los Angeles, CA – July 26
Long Beach, CA – August 2

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Hayat helped US troops in danger

There’s a new petition taking off on, and we think you might be interested in signing it.

US Department of State: Bring Hayat Home; An Afghan who served in the US Military

Haley Norris
Indianapolis, Indiana
Hayat, an Afghan national, worked for the US military and government contractors for 8 years as an interpreter and a soldier. He was my father’s interpreter when he worked in Afghanistan for a reconstruction company. He is like a brother to me. Hayat has served this country with the utmost honor and respect and the least we can do is give him a chance to live a free life.

But because of Hayat’s service to the US military, he’s now a wanted man and the Taliban are hunting him as we speak. The Taliban have killed his grandmother, as well as his nephew and cousin, and have forced Hayat into hiding.

To escape to safety, Hayat first applied for a special immigration visa to the US — a program designed to help interpreters who worked for US troops — in 2006. After having his application rejected several times because he was “too valuable to lose,” according to the State Department, he finally got approval in 2013. But he still has not received his visa. The State Department is dragging their feet in processing his application either because they are incompetent or because they don’t care, or both.

We’ve heard that other interpreters from Afghanistan have received their visas after online campaigns were launched to support them and we’re hoping this petition will help bring Hayat to his new and safe home with us in Indiana. Please sign this petition to ask the US Embassy at Kabul and the US State Department to speed up Hayat’s visa process and give him the freedom he has valiently fought for and has been waiting for nearly eight years now!


Daily Quote – June 30, 2014 Abraham-Hicks Publications

There are no happier people on this planet than those who decide that they want something, define what they want, get hold of the feeling of it even before it’s manifestation and then joyously watch the unfolding as, piece by piece by piece, it begins to unfold. That’s the feeling of your hands in the clay.


Excerpted from the workshop: San Francisco, CA on August 18, 2001
Our Love,
Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

Upcoming Abraham Workshops

Seattle, WA – July 12
San Francisco, CA – July 19
N. Los Angeles, CA – July 26
Long Beach, CA – August 2
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Protect circus animals from abuse in New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Support the Traveling Wild and Exotic Animal Protection Act!

Long Island Orchestrating for Nature (LION)
Seaford, New York
Please Help Us Stop The Suffering of  Elephants, Tigers, Bears and Other Wild Animals in Circuses!! Urge The New York State Legislators To Support TheTraveling Wild And Exotic Animal Protection Act.

Wild and Exotic Circus Animals Live Dreadful Lives of Domination, Confinement, and Violent Training.

It is standard practice to beat, shock, and whip wild animals to make them perform unnatural tricks. In the wild, elephants don’t stand on stools, bears don’t ride bicycles, and tigers don’t jump through fiery hoops.

Laws Protecting Animals in Traveling Shows are Grossly Inadequate and Poorly Enforced

The Animal Welfare Act establishes only minimal guidelines and even these meager standards are often ignored. Fines for violations are so small that they become merely a “cost of doing business” to the perpetrator and are inadequate to act as real deterrents.

Circuses Deprive Animals of Their Basic Needs To Exercise, Roam, Socialize, Forage and Play

Circus Animals spend almost their entire lives shackled and caged. Big Cats, bears, and primates are forced to eat, drink, sleep, urinate and defecate in the same cramped cages. When circus animals are not performing they are hauled around the country in poorly ventilated trailers and boxcars in all kinds of extreme weather conditions.

Using Dangerous Animals in Performances Jeopardizes Public Safety and Often Puts Children at Greatest Risk.

There are dozens of cases of injuries and deaths caused by out of control circus animals, several of them in the state of New York.

A Growing Number of Countries, Cities, and Other Municipalities are Restricting or Banning the Use of Wild Animals In Entertainment. 

20 Countries and 40 United States municipalities, including the towns of Southampton and Greenburgh, NY are on the list.

Take Action:

Please help by signing the petition and thereby letting our New York State Legislators know that they should support The Traveling Wild And Exotic Animal Protection Act, Assembly Bill A5407 and Senate Bill S5971.



A.5407/S.5971 would add a new section 352 to the New York Agriculture and Markets Law to prohibit any “traveling circuses or show”from including the “participation of an exotic or wild animal, including a non-human primate, in an animal act if during the thirty day period preceding such participation, such animal was traveling in a mobile housing facility.”  

The Secret Scrolls – From The Secret Daily Teachings The Secret

From The Secret Daily Teachings

It is so important that you are grateful for everything in your life. Many people focus on the one thing they want and then forget to be grateful for all the things they have. Without gratitude you cannot achieve anything through the law of attraction, because if you are not emanating gratitude from your being, then by default you are emanating ungratefulness. Be proactive and use the frequency of your being to receive what you want.

May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne
The Secret… joy for billions


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