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Dad is dying Tracy Matthews via

When my father was serving in Vietnam, his platoon was sprayed with Agent Orange — a toxic pesticide that can cause cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and in my dad’s case, liver failure.

Doctors told us that, without a transplant, my dad would die. And Veterans Affairs (VA) told us it would cover it but just needed to send the official paperwork.

That was two years ago, and although doctors are ready to operate, the VA hasn’t greenlighted the transplant and my dad still hasn’t received a new liver.

My dad’s health is getting worse every day, but every time we call the VA, they stall. I started a petition on calling on the VA to make sure my dad receives a liver transplant immediately.

Click here to sign my petition now.

I know that I could lose my dad before the VA does the right thing. But I started this campaign — even enlisting lawyers and a member of Congress — because I know that the lives of other vets like my dad are also hanging in the balance because of the its inaction. Even if I can’t save my dad, I want to show that the system is broken and needs to change: this is not how we’re supposed to treat the brave men and women who have put their lives on the line for our country, or their families.

I know that public outrage can have an impact. Two years ago, the VA sped up granting disability benefits to a veteran in Texas after a local paper ran a profile on him. If thousands of people sign my petition, I know it will get the VA’s attention.

Please click here to sign my petition, and ask the VA to approve the surgery my father — a Vietnam War veteran exposed to Agent Orange — needs immediately to save his life.

Thank you,

Tracy Mathews

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4 Responses to “Dad is dying Tracy Matthews via”

  1. Linnea says:

    Prayers go with you and your Father.

  2. KS says:

    I am currently visiting Vietnam with my family and have had the opportunity to gain perpective on the Vietnam war. It saddens me to see the horrible tactics that were used, many of which had lasting effects….Agent Orange being one such poison.
    I hope your effort is successful and that your father gets his much needed transplant.
    Wishing you and your family the best.

  3. daniel mattes says:

    I signed the petion, as have so many, and hope to see the VA respond by doing the right thing. I am certain that your great dedication and effort will change this situation for the better. Soon I hope.

  4. BrianMahoney says:


    I lost my Dad a few years ago to Parkinson’s. It was terrible watching him wither away with the MD’s unable to do anything. What was worse for me, was I had found a Physician who was trained in new methods of treatment that very possibly could have reversed the disease. My brother and sister , who had declared protective guardianship, however, would not talk to the physician.
    You might be able to buy your Dad more time if you can get his MD’s to try detoxification. It may be possible to even save his liver. Detoxification is not taught in Med School unfortunately. There is a medical association that teaches it to MD’s , RN’s ND’s etc. The association is The American College for Advancements in Medicine. They are research physicians who keep track of and evaluate advances in medicine from all around the world, then set up educational seminars on the most promising new therapies. There website is ” “.
    Go to the website and look in the Physician finder for a MD in your area who has trained in EDTA Chelation therapy and Glutathione IV therapy and give them a call. Or print out some of the information and give it to your dad’s Doctor.
    Google searching “detoxifying agent orange” will bring up more info on other detox methods that have been developed to expel Agent Orange.
    You can email me at bmahoney231@gmail if you like or call 360-201-5798 and I can help get you up to speed.

    Brian Mahoney
    Bellingham Wa

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